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Our home-based long-term care includes health monitoring, personal care, and support services to help you live as independently as possible.

When living independently becomes difficult on your part, our long-term care services could just be what you need. With this care option, you can continue living in your home with the help of our care professionals.

A professional help would be great for families needing long-term care services. Assistance from family caregivers can be limited to the tasks that don’t require a skilled background. Certain activities can be a challenge to family caregivers because they don’t have enough skills and tools in meeting the complex care needs of the patient. Another problem may be the professional way of handling the patient’s errant behaviors or the occurrence of dementia-related problems or depression.

With us, you are safe and well-guarded. Contact us now at 972-226-1600. You can also set an appointment with us and one of our care coordinators will talk to you personally to assess your needs.

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